Pre/Post Embryo Transfer Treatment FAQ

What is the purpose of this treatment?

Encourage implantation of transferred embryos into your uterine lining, thereby supporting the occurrence of pregnancy. The acupuncture mechanisms to accomplish this include relaxing your uterus (to help prevent uterine contraction), settling your mind, bringing better blood perfusion and more energy into your uterus, physically relaxing you, and stabilizing your endocrine system.

How do I make my reservation for this treatment?

Simply ask your nurse to put your name on our reservation list. If possible, you could confirm your reservation with the nursing staff on the day of your retrieval. Your acupuncture treatment will be scheduled for one hour and fifteen minutes prior to transfer time.

Who will be my acupuncturist?

One of the 4 licensed, board-certified acupuncturists from the CCRM acupuncturist team. We have assigned days that we each are on-duty in CCRM’s Surgery Center, 7 days a week.

What is the cost?

The fee for this procedure is $250, cash, check or credit card, paid directly to your acupuncturist on the day of your transfer. This fee covers both the Pre and the Post Embryo Transfer Treatments.

What shall I wear for my treatment?

Loose comfortable clothing, including socks; the transfer rooms can be rather cool.

When is my treatment performed?

After checking in and getting your blood drawn on the main floor of CCRM, you will then proceed up to the 2nd floor waiting area, where your acupuncturist will meet you. She will have paperwork for you to fill out, collect the fee, and then escort you to your Transfer Room.

Where are my treatments performed?

In your Transfer Room of the Surgery Center on the 2nd floor of the CCRM Lone Tree building.

What is the pre-transfer treatment like?

You will lie on your back for this treatment; there is no electro-stimulation of these needles. Acupuncture needles are gently inserted in the ears and throughout the body—a total of 13 needles. Each needle is lightly twirled upon insertion to obtain a Qi response. You will then rest for 10 minutes with the needles in place and relaxation music playing. Then only the body needles, not the ear needles, are again twirled. After resting for 15 more minutes, the needles are removed (total treatment time=25 minutes). You will then change into your gown and drink water to fill your bladder. Then the nurse will come in to continue the preparation for your transfer.

What is the post-transfer treatment like?

15 minutes after your transfer, the nurse will offer you a bedpan to relieve your bladder. Then acupuncture needles are again inserted in your ears and throughout your body, but in different points than for the Pre Treatment. They will be twirled in 10 minutes and then removed after 15 more minutes.

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“I’m so grateful you are here at CCRM for my transfer, it makes it so easy and convenient. I think its wonderful that Dr. Schoolcraft is open to you.”

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