Blood Flow Acupuncture Treatment FAQ

What is the blood flow treatment?

The blood flow treatment is a series of acupuncture treatments that uses electrical stimulation to increase the actual blood flow to the uterus and pelvic cavity.  The treatment protocol is based on a study (see medical article #1) that showed a significant improvement in the circulation of blood in the uterus.  This protocol can help to increase the pregnancy rates in those who have a low blood flow to the uterus and are undergoing  IVF .

How often will I need to get treatments for blood flow?

The treatment requires that you receive acupuncture two times a week for a total of eight treatments.  Your IVF doctor will recommend that you receive blood flow treatments prior to your transfer.

How do I schedule these appointments?

You can contact one of the four acupuncturists that work at Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine.  Your treatments will take place at the private practice of the acupuncturist you select.  You can decide which location works best for you.  All of our information is available through CCRM or on this website.

Is there anything else I can do to optimize my fertility?

Yes.  Everything that you eat plays a role in your fertility.  It is very important to eat regular meals and avoid blood sugar drops with such symptoms of irritability or gnawing hunger. Be sure to eat small, well rounded meals throughout the day.  Increasing dark, leafy greens , lightly steamed veggies, whole grains and organic meats in your diet will increase your vitality.  It is best to avoid caffeine, including green teas and cocoa, limit your intake of dairy and sugar.   All of these small steps can optimize your fertility and increase your overall health and wellness.

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