Medical Research Articles

Many published medical studies from throughout the world show supporting evidence of the effectiveness of acupuncture for treating fertility issues. Below are just a few of these studies to give you a reference and background information about fertility treatments with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Medical Research Article #1

Low Uterine Bloodflow Treatment (Swedish Study)

Reduction of blood flow impedance in the uterine arteries of infertile women with electro-acupuncture: Steiner-Victorin et. al. Human Reproduction 1996 June; 11(6):1314-7

Swedish researchers sought to evaluate whether electro-acupuncture (EA) can reduce high impedance in the uterine arteries. This study indicated that by utilizing this particular EA protocol, the chances of fertilization were enhanced.

Medical Article #2

Pre/Post Embryo Transfer Treatment

This German study resulted in a greater pregnancy rate in patients who had a specific acupuncture treatment both immediately prior to and after embryo transfer. In this study, 42.5% of the acupuncture group experienced clinical pregnancy, whereas just 26.3% of the control group (those who did not receive acupuncture) had a positive outcome.

Medical Research Article #3

Acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer significantly improves the reproductive outcome in infertile women: a prospective, randomized trial.

This study evaluated the effect of acupuncture on reproductive outcome in patients receiving IVF/ICSI. One group of patients received acupuncture on the day of egg transfer, and another group received acupuncture on egg transfer day and again 2 days later. Both groups were compared with a control group that did not receive acupuncture. Acupuncture on the day of egg transfer significantly improved the reproductive outcome of IVF/ICSI compared with no acupuncture. Repeating acupuncture 2 days later provided no additional beneficial effect.

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